AMS Technologies is an IT firm with a heavy focus on IT Network Modeling, Engineering, and Design. We take the guesswork out of your network architecture by accurately modeling your current computer network to identify bottlenecks and potential pitfalls. Bolstered by our complementary services of Systems Engineering, Systems Administration, and Program/Project Management, we will design your network to accommodate future growth and needs, and then engineer a solution to fit your budget. The AMS team with over 25 years of experience will take the uncertainty out of your network so you can focus on being productive.


To provide a holistic offering to our clients, AMS Technologies offers three complementary areas of strength: Systems Engineering, Systems Administration, and Program Management. We have found that these key areas work hand in hand with our core competency on projects, and help to address pressure points for our customers.


AMS consultants do their utmost to be the dependable partner for our clients regardless if the organization is a highly specialized government entity, a niche commercial enterprise, or a company looking for solutions to everyday IT issues and concerns. 


AMS Technologies wants to be your technology company for the "now" and your technology company for the "future".



IT Network Modeling, Engineering, and Design


  • WAN/LAN Optimization

  • Network Performance Monitoring

  • Switching and Routing Optimization

  • IT Physical Resource Management


  • WAN Acceleration

  • Application Performance Management (APM)

  • Network Performance Management (NPM)

  • Infrastructure Engineering



Systems Engineering

As companies and government agencies begin to modernize legacy systems, they are confronted with new challenges. As the need for information and timeliness of data increases, entities are finding that their current systems are insufficient and inflexible. The resulting loss of a competitive advantage can hinder a business. AMS systems engineers have the proven expertise to combat these challenges, offering innovative solutions that incorporate business needs and customer requests. By taking a holistic approach, AMS takes ownership from beginning to end of a project, to ensure consistent and superior quality throughout.


Systems Engineering solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Network Engineering/Design

  • Software Engineering/Design

  • Systems Engineering/Design

  • Systems Analysis

  • Infrastructure Analysis

  • Implementation/Integration

Systems Administration

Once a solution is delivered, AMS stays engaged with clients and are cognizant of their changing needs by developing roadmaps to maintain the synergy between their IT capabilities and organizational goals. AMS provides the expertise to keep critical systems operating at optimum levels.


Our systems administrators are certified with the latest industry standard certifications from companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper and Red Hat. Our goal is to provide clients and partners with trusted know-how so they can focus on addressing their customers' needs. 


Systems Administration solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Network Operations/Administration

  • System Support/Administration

  • Data Management/Database Administration

  • Information Assurance and Security

  • Help Desk and End-User Support

Program/Project Management

AMS Technologies program and project management services provide the expertise to lead the implementation of IT projects in an organized fashion that relies on rigorous, clear-cut and quantifiable management standards to achieve organizational goals and objectives.


Combining sound management principles with the most appropriate technologies, AMS assists senior executives in understanding risks, creating realistic schedules, and making effective business decisions. 


Program/Project Management solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Subject Matter Expert Support

  • Strategic Planning and Positioning

  • Compliance and Reporting

  • Risk Management

  • Human Resources Management

  • Documentation, Training, and Technical Writing Support